The future is now, the future is us.

Strategy, innovation, development

At RowanHill Digital we are working to ensure a competitive advantage for our business partners in an exceptionally accelerated, innovation centric market. We are determined to become a world class service provider by our outstanding professional background and several decades-long experience in software development concepts, strategic planning, product and service development, and project management. We believe that, beside professionalism, constant development and curiosity enables us to provide the most personalized solutions for our clients.

Member of a unique expert group

By combining expertise with competence, RowanHill Group can handle all kind of digital challenges an enterprise could face.

In collaboration with our member corporations we offer wide scale of solutions from strategic planning, through legal assistance, product and IT development, to physical hardware installation and operation in the field of infocommunication.


Innovation is the driving force of the market, just like ours.

We are developing with business trends and digitisation together, we constantly train ourselves and work out advanced or even market-leading solutions for our clients.

With agile methodology we are providing new and personalized solutions to the challenges emerging from market development on every level from strategy planning to implementation.

Our services

Competence and partnership

Our greatest value is our experience and the exceptional know-how we built up in our company. Our professional knowledge base is constantly being expanded and maintained.

Although, it can be considered valuable only if we can entirely fulfil our clients’ needs and show new directions to them. For us, thinking together means partnership rather than leadership.

Our experiences

Flexibility and personalized client experience

We respect that our clients are coming from different company cultures while defining project aims, during implementation and even when choosing the methodology. We offer flexible solutions with our flexible attitude.

Our goal is to maximize client satisfaction while presenting competent professional matter.

Professional partnership

Leaders of RowanHill Digital

Horváth Balázs



“There must be a team!”

– Ede Minarik, laundryman

You can be creative, well-educated, ready for action or even a genius, by yourself you will never come close to the success what a cooperative team can achieve. Efficiency is exponential in team, and the celebration of success is sweeter.

Dombi Viktor



„If I had asked the public what they wanted, they would have said a faster horse.”

– Henry Ford

I’ve been always looking for success. This gives me the motivation to take part in the innovative digital stories of the future. To me, success is always pushing for the best outcome with all our effort without trade-off. Digitisation is not the goal but a great tool in our hands that we must learn how to use for the sake of humankind and our children. This is all an extremely exciting and responsible task and I’m happy to take part in it.

Fodor Imre



“If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got.”

– Albert Einstein

With this mentality in our minds, we’re trying to rethink over and over again where we are going and how we can achieve our desired outcome.

We can only provide the highest quality for our clients if we constantly challenge ourselves.

Our experiences

  • Market launch of enterprise products and services
  • Planning and establishment of national payment system
  • Launch of a new banking business line
  • Planning and introduction of multi-coalition loyalty program
  • Configuration of business line audit and business development package
  • Elaboration of mid-term business strategy
  • Defining network development strategy
  • Process optimisation
  • Banking product development
  • Managing IT projects at public administration
  • Innovation management
  • Implementing IT Governance structure
  • Configuration of IT asset management and registration systems
  • Developing IT risk management systems
  • Reviewing access control systems
  • Planning and implementation of IT platform for payment systems
  • Development of loyalty management platform and front end application
  • Mobile application for credit scoring system
  • Development of PFM applications


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